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   Table of Contents - Current issue
April-June 2019
Volume 5 | Issue 2
Page Nos. 37-53

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Attributes of low-protein diet in chronic kidney disease – Exploring the potential p. 37
Anita Saxena
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Scabies surrepticius captured by dermoscope p. 39
Binrong Ye, Zaishi Zhu, Yeqiang Liu
Scabies is a common skin infection, but bullous scabies is not only rare but also easy to be misdiagnosed by clinicians. Dermoscope can rapid and accurately diagnose scabies, as well as bullous scabies. We report a case of bullous scabies diagnosed by dermoscopy.
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Role of elimination diet in the management of proteinuria p. 41
Klara Paudel
This article address issues on what is an elimination diet? What is the scientific background and the evidence for it? The use of elimination diet in gastrointestinal diseases and in IgA nephropathy. In this article, I share my experience on elimination diet in the clinical practice and an ongoing clinical study, the pitfalls and my advices.
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Nutritional challenges in malnutrition, inflammation, and atherosclerosis (MIA)syndrome p. 44
Nirbhai Kumar, Anita Saxena
Headings are not required in this abstract as material and methods results etc are not involved. Patients undergoing hemodialysis (HD) have a high prevalence of protein–energy malnutrition and inflammation. As these two conditions occur concomitantly with mild-to-severe atherosclerosis in CKD, these three conditions collectively have been referred to as malnutrition-inflammation-atherosclerosis syndrome (MIA syndrome). but later studies showed that syndrome also exists in preterminal renal failure patients and PD patients. The three components not only coexist but also interact with each other. This article briefly discusses potential nutritional management of MIA syndrome.
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Uremic toxins, oxidative stress, and inflammation in chronic kidney disease p. 48
Ratan Jha, Kiran Kumar Mukku
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a state of exaggerated oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. The syndrome of CKD culminates in three spheres of dysfunction namely: accumulation of uremic toxins, oxidative stress and progressive systemic inflammation. It is postulated that uremic as well as non-uremic solutes may play an important role in worsening oxidative stress and activating many other inimical pathways which results in endothelial dysfunction and cytokine driven inflammatory process. This article briefly touches upon biomarkers and treatment strategies targeting uremia, oxidative stress and inflammation.
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Low-protein diet and very low-protein diet in chronic kidney disease and the role of ketoanalogs in disease retardation p. 51
Sunil Prakash
Overnutrition is associated with impaired renal function. In renal disease, high protein load acutely increases glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in predialysis stage. Excess protein alters hemodynamics and is converted into urea and other nitrogenous wastes which not only accumulate in the body causing uremic syndrome, but also cause a rapid decline of renal function through increased hyperfiltration and intraglomerular hypertension, severity of micro albuminuria and, over the long term, glomerulosclerosis. This article highlights important studies on very low protein diet.
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